Five controversial garments that now everyone wants to wear this winter


Marta Benayas Alamos



Although fashion is cyclical and trends sooner or later end up coming back, what is certain is that when they resurface, the new interpretation usually presents certain nuances that, in addition to updating them, serve to conquer all those who previously had not dared to wear them: either because they did not match their tastes, or because they liked them. They seemed too extravagant.

This brings with it an interesting conclusion, and that is that you can never say that you will not succumb to a certain trend or garment. Now with the new winter clothing in the shop windows and the desire of the vast majority to treat themselves to the Black Friday, the search for the perfect look is making the experts in the field even more attentive in recent weeks when choosing their new acquisitions.

As usual, Instagram is a powerful source of ideas that serves not only to give inspiration, but to learn to integrate some of these stylistic bets into the look that in many cases are difficult to wear. Specifically there are five that this season they are doing with all the protagonism and that, no matter how different they are, if they have something in common it is that they were unthinkable a few years ago.

1. Extreme mini bags

jacquemus Y Dior They opened the ban on this type of bag in which the mobile phone does not even fit. In fact, on the catwalks they presented several in the same look to increase their capacity (although most likely in vain). Slowly the influencers have been making this idea their own, integrating it into their day-to-day outfits with coats with large pockets that can help them store the occasional gadget. If XXL pendants were worn before, now their place has been relegated by tiny bags. Attention, fashionistas.

2. Slippers to be at home… on the street

Athleisure and fashion trends that advocate 24-hour comfort gained popularity during the pandemic, when more relaxed ensembles dominated by luxury, wool and other ‘comfy’ fabrics began to be seen almost overnight.

With the drop in temperatures, house slippers are undoubtedly a very desirable type of footwear that is now conceived not only for the home, but also on the street. They are worn with striking socks and also in a sandal version, Birkenstock-type, but lined with fur or winter materials. There is one for every taste.

3. Neon down jackets

Last year this idea began to stand out, although another color palette predominated in which nudes stood out on the one hand; and on the other the more primary colors such as red, green or electric blue. In the autumn/winter 2021-22 season, fluorines and neons are the favorites. If they are already quite striking in themselves, the type of designs in which they are integrated makes them stand out even more, since there is no lack of high doses of volume, patterns with shoulder pads and marked necks and long to the feet. We refer to the tests with the design chosen by Kim Kardashian.

4. Beanies – hoods

Miu-Miu has been one of the forerunners in popularizing them with models that are reminiscent of the mythical red Riding Hood, but adapted to the 21st century: in earth tones, with embroidery and malleable fabrics that are comfortable as well as warm.

5. Dresses with impossible openings

Although with the low temperatures it is almost unthinkable to bet on garments that integrate openings, in view of the latest novelties presented at international Fashion Weeks, the truth is that they come with great force. Sides, shoulders and sleeves are the preferred areas with details such as bows or gathers that they make them even more sensual. Because it is already known that it is better to insinuate than to teach.

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