Five platforms to rent a New Year’s Eve dress


Maria I. Ortiz



The Last night of the year it is always magical. Full of mysticism and good wishes, the style chosen to say goodbye to the year is often special. Some people choose the Red with the intention of calling luck, who prefers glitter and sequins or who always dresses infallible black. Be that as it may, the choice of dress or suit is usually very thoughtful, and this 2021, despite the restrictions, can also be a unique moment.

And the possibility of wearing a dream dress? Or wear the same guest model that Tamara Falco, or the famous wedding dress of Carrie Symonds, and all of it without resorting to a huge budget. Now it is possible.

Focused on this responsible consumption and on the objective of optimizing resources in the wardrobe with the possibility of wearing impressive dresses without having to buy them, a wide variety of clothing rental options appear on the market.

These rental services They have been with us for a long time, but in recent years they have proliferated in a notorious way and there are many familiar faces that in recent times have been seen wearing a rental dress: from the design of Begona Villacis in the last Platinum Awards to the rented looks of ‘influencers’ like Lucia Losada, Paula Malia The cool pink. A recent study reveals that a movement of two billion dollars is expected by 2025 in the online clothing rental market.

For special events, weddings, communions, an important appointment or even a job interview. There are many options for which you choose to rent a special styling and one of the most immediate, the next New Years Eve. Today in A BC Style We review some of the rental platforms most frequented by fashion experts that you should have in orbit for that special occasion.

Rent The Runway

Pioneers in the sector, this company dominates the market in the United States and has gone further than any other, offering the first clothing subscription service. A very successful way of making available to anyone a wide selection of brand designs whose price they could not otherwise afford. The monthly subscription Rent The Runway part of the 30 euros and allows you to rent up to four garments at the same time for about 160 euros per month.


They have their physical space in Madrid and have an online rental service. In Borow you can get all kinds of garments from the most exclusive brands from 4 to 8 days and even leave your favorite garment reserved 6 months in advance. their rates vary according to the chosen design and brand and start from €48.

The cutest

With a physical workshop in cities like Madrid, Bilbao, Malaga or Valencia, The cutest It has different options for renting all kinds of clothes and accessories for a special occasion. In addition, it also has a subscription model that does allow you to choose the garments, with a price of 69 euros per month for two garments or 129 euros for four. They have delivery in 24 hours and reservation of dresses up to 6 months in advance


With hundreds of designs with sizes ranging from 34 to 50, physical showroom and online service, Dresseos garments are rented from 49.99 euros, for five days. The online option has a very complete stylist service that offers advice, a detailed description of the products and the option to try on at home for 24 hours.


It is one of the reference firms for headdresses in Spain. The designs of Mimoki are sold, but also rented. In this last option, the brand has a large collection of headdresses: turbans, pamelas, hats, headbands… The piece can be reserved on the date you want, paying a deposit and pick it up at the store paying the rest of the rent. I also know send shipments outside of Madrid.

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