Forcadell publishes a children’s story to explain to his grandson why he is in jail


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The former president of the Parliament Carme Forcadell will publish this Thursday the book ‘Les paraules seran semper lliures’ (‘Words will always be free’) (Montena), a children’s story with illustrations by Laia Berloso to explain to her grandson why he is in jail .

In a statement from the editorial collected by Efe, Forcadell explains that he decided to write this story so that his grandson, who is three and a half years old, could understandwhy has not been able to be with him during his early years, since I could only see it once a month: “I thought that a story is an easier way to explain things and maybe it could also be useful for other people who want to explain it.”

The book illustrates a conversation between Forcadell -who has two children- and the little boy in one day of prison leave in which she goes to pick him up at school and they talk about why he’s in jail.

No semi-freedom

The Court of Penitentiary Surveillance 1 of Catalonia accepted the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office yesterday and has annulled the ‘semi-freedom’ of the former president of the Parliament Carme Forcadell and the former Minister of Labor of the Generalitat Dolors Bassa. In the case of the first, the judge considers that the progression to third degree that they reached on January 30 is incompatible with the fulfillment of the purposes of the sentence. Therefore, they should go back to prison in a second degree regime.

“The inmate continues to consider that the facts for which she has been convicted do not constitute a crime,” adds the order, to which ABC has had access, in the case of Forcadell. Likewise, semi-release is classified as premature and demands a longer “time period” for serving the sentence, but without specifying any specific percentage.

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