Four fragrances that will be the star gift this Christmas






There are things that do not change at Christmas, such as the illusion, the lights, the good wishes, the gifts … Or the star gift of Christmas, which are still the perfumes. Always the object of desire for this wonderful time of year. A very classic gift, but also original, unique. And that never fails, if you choose well. Here we propose the best option. Four unique, irresistible and very masculine fragrances. For the most elegant and the most sporty, for the most classic and the most daring. For men who know what they are and what they want. Simply the best.

Brummel, for seductive and elegant men

Brummel is a unique and timeless perfume that perfectly reflects a classic and elegant image, perfect for men who take care of their appearance and value the power of seduction. An indispensable complement to personal grooming, a symbol of character and a way of life. And that it becomes irresistible in short distances.


A fragrance with aromatic, spicy and woody notes, with a distinctive character that perfectly sums up the rules of the perfect gentleman. (RRP: 9.95 euros)

Impact, for dynamic and confident men

Impact is synonymous with masculinity, attractiveness and dynamism. An eau de cologne that makes a difference with its daring and woody scent, and becomes the perfect fragrance for any time of the day. It has been created for men who know how to value elegance and exude self-confidence.


A fougère wood fragrance with a citrus, wild and aromatic finish, a floral and spicy heart and a seductive background of wood, amber and moss. (RRP: 6.95 euros)

Sportman, for men with a winning spirit

Sportman is the masculine fragrance for men who love sports, competition and the satisfaction felt after physical exercise. A fresh and seductive eau de toilette, ideal for any moment of daily activity. The fragrance of men with a winning spirit.


It is characterized by its aromatic citric olfactory tendency with a green, citric and fruity finish; a spicy and aromatic heart; and a woody musky background. (RRP: 10.95 euros)

1916, your old colony

1916 is the eau de toilette of a lifetime, a natural and fresh fragrance, evocative of memories and sensations, that continues to captivate generation after generation. An ideal gift for men, women or the whole family.


A unique fragrance based on the citrus scent of slightly green fruits, such as bergamot, lemon, orange and mandarin, modi fi ed by the natural and wild scent of rosemary and lavender.

All this sustained by a delicate note of pink orange blossom, ending on a very soft and pleasant balsamic background. (RRP: 9.95 euros)

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