Fran Carnicer, Linares player, in the ICU due to pneumonia


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Fran carnicer, Linares Deportivo midfielder, a team that this season played in the playoffs for promotion to the Second Division, is in the UCI of the JaΓ©n Hospital Complex from pneumonia caused by a pleural effusion in the left lung. The club has made public this Wednesday a statement explaining that its player is stable, within gravity.

As explained by the club, the footballer was transferred this Tuesday to the JaΓ©n Hospital Complex to undergo a lung drain in the late afternoon. Fran Carnicer was informed at all times of the risks posed by such an intervention, suffering a respiratory arrest within the operating roomTherefore, resuscitation maneuvers had to be carried out and the operation was finally postponed.

Football player is in the ICU and, within gravity, his health improves. When the situation allows it, he will go through the operating room again to evacuate the fluid from the affected lung and begin his recovery, the club chaired by JesΓΊs Medina concludes in its statement.

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