Getafe Hospital launches a receiving center for the regional breast milk bank





The Neonatology Unit of the University Hospital of Getafe has launched a Receiving Center of the Regional Breast Milk Bank of the Hospital 12 de Octubre.

In this way, premature or sick children admitted to the center who need breast milk and cannot obtain it from their own mothers, can already receive this type of food, as reported by the Getafe Hospital in a statement.

Breastfeeding is “the ideal” diet due to the benefits it brings to premature infants and sick newborns
, improving the neurological prognosis by favoring neurodevelopment, as well as protecting against infections.

In vulnerable newborn babies, such as premature or very low birth weight, breast milk prevents serious intestinal diseases such as necrotizing enterocolitis and intestinal perforation and is a preventive factor for cardiovascular risk, allergies and autoimmune diseases.

In these patients, as long as they cannot receive it from their own mothers, donated breast milk “has proven to be the best feeding alternative.”

Own Regional Breast Milk Bank of the Hospital 12 de Octubre is responsible for processing all the donated breast milk, which is periodically delivered to the University Hospital of Getafe, always passing “strict quality controls and guaranteeing that it retains its properties and benefits.”

With this initiative, the Neonatology Unit (Pediatrics Service) incorporates donated breast milk as a treatment option, thus adding “one more milestone to the meticulous care of the newborn”, favoring breastfeeding and applying the kangaroo method.

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