Girls do less sport and have a worse perception of their physical form

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Girls do less sport and also have a worse perception of their fitness, according to data from the PASOS 2019 study of the Gasol Foundation released within the framework of the World Day of Physical Activity, this April 6.

The organization, founded by brothers Marc and Pau Gasol for the lucha against childhood obesity, recalled in a statement on Tuesday the importance of carrying out programs to promote healthy habits that “manage to reduce gender inequalities in the field of physical activity.”

According to the study, seven out of ten girls between 8 and 16 years in Spain (70.1%) do not comply with the recommendation of daily practice of physical activity of the World Health Organization (WHO): a minimum of 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity each day for this age range, reports Europa Press.

On the other hand, only 54.6% of 16-year-old girls perceive their general physical condition as “good or very good”, a lower percentage than boys of the same age (66.6%); and less than 8-year-old girls, who have a good perception of their physical form in 90.4% of the cases.

The Gasol Foundation recalled that addressing this situation is “even more relevant” in the current context of the coronavirus pandemic, since various studies have shown that, during the crisis, there has been a worsening of the healthy habits of children and adolescents in Spain.

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