Gisela shows her body after losing more than seven kilos: «The reward is there»





Gisela Pulido, a former contestant on “Operación Triunfo 1”, this week wanted to share with his followers the results of the diet he is following, with which he has already lost seven and a half kilos. His goal, he says, is to reach eight kilos by the end of this week.

To illustrate the result of this new regime, the former triumphant has published on her Instagram account a photograph in which she poses in her underwear and reveals her belly. «Well, that’s how we go with the diet !!! Now when this week is over I will take 2 months !! It is said soon !! But it is two months of will and perseverance! », He begins by explaining.

Apparently, Gisela has had the support of a specialized clinic during this process, which has made the process easier for her, since they are “the best” battle partners “,” he explains. «As of today I have lost 7.5kg and this week I hope to reach 8kg !!! I still want to lose a kilo or two more, the latter are the most complicated !! But I’m going to get it !! », he added.

Her followers have been full of praise for her and there are many who have been interested in the style of eating that she has followed during these last two months, to whom she has replied with a message of gratitude: «Regarding yesterday’s photo, what You have asked me a lot about the diet, all the comments. Thank you all very much for encouraging me to continue, for telling me that you already see me very well ». And he confessed: «It is that the diets, for which we do from time to time, we know that they are hard. But hey lthe reward is there and I feel great.

«You have always been beautiful because you are! And that there is no diet or no diet to change it »,« Courage! The truth is that it is admirable, perseverance is the key, you have to be very constant. Congratulations “or” Cheer up Gisela! I have managed to lose 17 kg in 20 months and I have been maintaining myself for 4. Over time, the stomach gets used to eating less and you get full right away », some of his fans have written to him on Instagram.

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