Giving flowers is still a great idea and these are the most original and current ways to do it

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The gift of a flower or a bouquet it has always been a clear display of affection, from romantic love to gratitude, memory and congratulations. But anyone who is thinking of a gas station “bouquet” or a graceless arrangement made mechanically and wrapped in cellophane is far from correct today. From the present and easy-going of another era, today flowers can be, Valentine’s Day, a statement of style, pampering and good taste if chosen current arrangements, created by artists and florists who are revolutionizing the way to combine, present and even feel these memories of nature.

The effect on those who receive flowers as a gift is still very special. Sally Hambleton, one of the best-known florists in Spain today, believes that this happens because “flowers have an almost magical power: on many occasions they say much more than many of us are capable of saying with words. I’ve been seeing it daily for 17 years. The texts that accompany the flowers are generally very brief. Many times they are not even, just a signature. I can think of few things more beautiful and miraculous than a flower.

Rattan Baskets with Flowers by Sally Hambleton
Rattan Baskets with Flowers by Sally Hambleton

From its online store Hambleton sells throughout Spain with the commitment that at least half of its flowers are of national production, and also has a charitable purpose. On the most romantic day of the year, she advises choosing with the heart, and not doubting that they will be well received. «Flowers are always welcome. And they always say: I love you. I thank you. I admire you. Forgive me. I feel your pain. Get well soon. They say what you need them to say at all times».

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Sara Manzano, owner of The flower tailoring, also rescues the universal message that this gift contains. «Flowers make life happy and everyone likes them, they are perfect for this date and for any other occasion, have always been a symbol of love and it is something that will remain united.

Original palette in the bouquet of The Tailoring of Flowers
Original palette in the bouquet of The Tailoring of Flowers

As for which flowers to choose for a couple, this Advertising expert who one day decided to leave her profession to live off her passion for plants together with her partner Irene Ruiz, believes that «today any flower can represent romantic love, though the queen of love remain the red rose».

Elena SuarezInstead, he is reluctant to associate a flower with a specific meaning. «In our workshop we are a little oblivious to this type of connection. For Valentine’s Day we send bouquets of roses, arrangements in vases, baskets or wooden boxes with roses and wild flowers following our most casual style. We also send many heart-shaped arrangements, without necessarily being made with roses, and also our initials made with fresh flowers and preserved so that they last in time triumph.

The florist, under the command of Elena Suárez & Co, defends Valentine’s Day as the great occasion of the year to resort to flowers. «Flowers are sent as a demonstration of feelings. Of gratitude, to celebrate a birth, to offer condolences, to celebrate a request for a hand, so on the day of the celebration of love they cannot be absent ».

Initial made with preserved flowers, by Elena Suárez & amp;  Co.
Initial made with preserved flowers, by Elena Suárez & Co.

The creators of Colvin They believe that the use of flowers as a gift to express love has to do with «their great capacity to move, to convey a message of affection. We have seen it in the last few months, when The demand for flowers online has grown tremendously due in part to social distance and confinements. Sending flowers or a plant has become a very valuable gesture to stay connected to our loved ones and give them a message of encouragement in the form of nature in these difficult times.

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Mireia Aldomà, floral designer in this revolutionary startup, anticipates that this year they have created bouquets that each tell a story, “from the one that reflects that innocent and jovial love with flowers in white or powdered tones, to that most crazy and intrepid love with electric colors like fuchsia or blue, or the passion in which red is a must ». And he adds a curious fact, the upward trend of “a movement called Saint Galentines, in which love is celebrated beyond the couple, especially among women, who give flowers to their mothers, sisters, friends, or themselves.

Cactus duo Sandy & amp;  Danny from Colvin.
Cactus duo Sandy & Danny, by Colvin.

In Floral they also live this romantic date with intensity. David Henríquez and Antonio Rodríguez, its founders, assure that “flowers enrich any space and moment, they have something magical and they awaken many sensations”, so for them that many people in Spain still resist their daily use “it’s amazing”.

In the case of not being able to resist a bouquet of red roses, to express unequivocally the passionate purpose of the present, from this company they advise a variant that brings you current relevance. we love to mix them with fuchsia and pastel pinks, creating a compact arrangement without much green. ”

Bouquet for Valentine's Day from Floreale.
Bouquet for Valentine’s Day from Floreale.

See here the gallery with all the original proposals of flowers, bouquets and arrangements of these florist workshops:

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