Goodbye to Yahoo Answers, the forum will close on May 4

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The forums website Yahoo Answers (Yahoo Answers, in English), popular for hosting questions and answers from Internet users, has announced its final closure next May 4. The platform will then culminate its 16 years of existence, in which it had time to become one of the most recognizable spaces on the Internet.

The platform had been in operation since 2005, when it was created by the then giant of Internet Yahoo! (now owned by Verizon), and had become one of the most popular question and answer portals in its early years of existence.

Now, the main page of Yahoo Answers has begun to show its users a message that warns of the end of the service, which will become final on May 4 during Eastern time in the United States.

However, the functions of the page will be reduced before its closure. From the next April 20 it will not be possible to post new questions or answers, and the service will remain in read mode only.

In a question and answer document, Yahoo Answers has explained that its users they will be able to download all their contents -list of questions, questions, list of answers, answers and any images- for a limited time, Until June 30th. This process can take up to 30 days.

Likewise, the American company has explained that the closure of its forum will not imply changes for the user accounts of Yahoo or any other of its services, and instead has recommended its users to use search engines such as their own.

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