Grifols earns 129.9 million euros until March, 30.3% less





Grifols registered a net profit of 129.9 million euros during the first quarter of this year, which represents a decrease of 30.3% compared to a year earlier, in a context marked by the Covid-19 health crisis, as reported by the company to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

The turnover stood at 1,184.7 million euros in the first quarter of 2021, which represents a decrease of 0.9% and 8.4% taking into account the impact of exchange rates.

In the context of the current pandemic, Grifols maintains its operational levels in the first quarter of 2021, limiting the impact of Covid-19 thanks to the contribution of new products, continuous efforts to increase plasma donations, management of inventories and expansion of plasma collection capacity.

Gross operating profit (Ebitda) stood at 322 million euros excluding the impact of exchange rates and represents 25.1% of revenues. The gross margin stands at 45%.

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