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2020, with its pandemic and the consequent social isolation, has helped the growth of social networks and digital platforms. Both in what refers to those that were already known by the majority of users, as well as the new tools. And, among these, the case of Clubhouse. The live poscasting application, in which any user can enter and chat directly with the rest of Internet users, began to populate the Apple ‘app’ store, App Store, last March. At the moment it has already reached ten million weekly active users, according to ‘CNBC’.

Despite the success you are already reaping, and the growth that marketers assume, at this time becoming part of the Clubhouse can be quite difficult. Unlike other social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, The TikTok, It is not enough to fill in some fields in which a handful of personal data is requested. To make a hole, there are two ways. The first is to arm yourself with patience and join a waiting list. The second consists of get a personal invite from someone who is already part of the community.

Waiting list

Once the application is downloaded, which is currently only available for Apple devices, that is, iPhone and iPad, the user will be invited to join a waiting list. Done this, the app will notify you when you can access the service. There is no stipulated waiting time, as Clubhouse is currently working to improve its servers so that they are able to host a wider community. However, it is also possible that someone you know who is already using the social network decides to promote the Internet user to start using the tool.

In turn, some users are using second-hand sites like eBay to trade invitations to the site. Prices in Europe, as ABC has verified, normally move between 5 and 15 euros for a pass.

Only two invitations

When a user joins Clubhouse, they automatically get two invitations to the site. And you can spend them with the contact you want. However, Please note that the person you are inviting must be an Apple device user. The application is currently working on the development of a version for Android, as recognized by one of the developers of the ‘app’ through Twitter.

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