How is the Augmented Reality Apple is working on?

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Apple works on the arrival of new functions to Augmented Reality technology, and among them is the ability to enhance conversations with additional information, such as graphics. This has been advanced by the executive director of the American company, Tim Cook, in an interview with the newspaper ‘The New York Times’. He also stressed that Augmented Reality is “critically important in the future of Apple.”

Cook, who has been “very excited” by the options offered by both Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, has assured that he already sees “Augmented Reality take off in several areas with the use of the telephone”, such as the health, education, video games and ‘retail’. “I think the promise is even greater in the future,” he advanced.

It should be remembered that the technology company is currently working on the development of its first model of virtual reality viewer, which could arrive in 2022, according to Bloomberg a few months ago. The new device will inaugurate a new product category in the most ambitious company, as a precursor to augmented reality glasses.

Likewise, Cook has also given clues about a Apple’s possible foray into the electric vehicle business and autonomous driving, and has acknowledged feeling “great admiration and respect” for Tesla. “There are many things that can be done with autonomous driving, and we will see what Apple does,” he explained. However, the US executive wanted to make it clear that Apple “investigates many things internally and many do not end up coming to light”, although the company prefers “to integrate ‘hardware’, ‘software’ and services and find the intersection points.

The Apple executive has also defended the company’s privacy policies and specifically the App Store, after this platform eliminated applications such as’ Fortnite ‘due to the introduction of a third-party payment system, or video game services in’ streaming ‘like Xbox’s xCloud and Nvidia’s GeForce Now for not being able to moderate video games one by one. Cook stressed the importance of maintaining a single store, the App Store, because “if there is lateral loading of applications, then the privacy and security model would be violated.”

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