How to detect the symptoms of thrombosis




Recently, it has been possible to link that thrombi and the vaccine from AstraZeneca Have relationship. This is all due to the Vipit syndrome. This is one of the reactions that occurs once the substance has been inoculated, which causes the antibodies to alter the blood platelets.

Once the problem has been detected, it should be treated with immunoglobulin to dissolve the clots. But how to know the symptoms to treat it in time?

These are the most common symptoms of a thrombus

The main effects that occur on the thrombus are severe headache, especially when it worsens when lying on the stomach; blurred vision, loss of strength, vomiting, impaired language and seizures.

If these effects occur, a verification must be carried out by means of a Brain CT scan with contrast, an MRI with sequences, an arteriography and platelet count, as well as a coagulation study.

The EMA indicated that the people who most suffered this type of complications were women under 50 years of age with the first dose, a few days after inoculation.

Spain suspends the vaccine for children under 60 years of age

One of the last decisions of the Interterritorial Health Council was to stop vaccination with AstraZeneca in people under 60 years of age. This came motivated after the European Medicines Agency confirmed at a press conference that there was a correlation between the vaccine and clots in young people.

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