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After a year and a half suspended due to the epidemiological situation derived from the pandemic of coronavirus, the Imserso trips for the 2021-2022 season they will return in October. They will have 816,029 places, whose prices will range from 195.72 euros to 455.81 euros.

They will be able to benefit from Imserso Tourism Program those persons residing in Spain who are pensioners of retirement, widowhood or other concepts, who are insured or beneficiaries of the Social Security System with 65 years or older or that they are emigrants returned to Spain and pensioners of the public system of the Social Security of the country from which they have returned. Spaniards residing abroad with the above requirements and Spaniards of emigrant origin who have returned to Spain may also participate in this program, provided that they are pensioners from the public social security systems of the country or countries to which they have emigrated.

Those who want to register with the Imserso to participate in the trips may do so through the Imserso Electronic Headquarters, by completing the online application form provided for the 2021 – 2022 season or by filling in this form, which may be submitted through the official electronic records listed in article 7 of Order SCB / 926/2018, of September 10, by which regulates the Imserso Tourism program, or by sending it in a franked envelope, not by certified mail, to the Imserso Tourism Program address, PO box 10.140 28080, Madrid.

The deadline for submitting new highs It runs from July 1 to Friday July 30, both days included.

Check accreditation

Those people who have registered in the Imserso Tourist Program will be able to verify that their request has been made correctly through the Imserso Electronic Headquarters, in which case the interested persons will be able to check it immediately at the Headquarters, through the Cl @ ve system.

And what if a person was credited the previous year to be able to participate in the Tourism Program? How can you know if it will be this year?


All the people who will be accredited in previous years in the Tourism Program received a renewal letter throughout the first fortnight of June 2021 with the data contained in the Imserso database and an application form.

If the data that comes in the letter is correct and there is nothing that needs to be modified, the users do not have to do anything. In the event that they do not agree, they must carry out the corresponding changes through the Imserso Electronic Office using the reference number that appears in the document or the Cl @ ve system.

In the event that this route cannot be used, the application form completed with the new data may be sent up to Friday, July 30, 2021 in a franked envelope, to the Imserso Tourism Program address, PO box 10.140 28080, Madrid.

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