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If the epidemiological situation and the good rate of vaccination allow it, it is expected that trips to Imserso will resume in October. This has been declared by the Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Grass. After a year of hiatus, the elderly wait impatiently to return to travel and enjoy the economic and social advantages of the Imserso trips, since a year ago they were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Even if there are no specific dates, from the Government they claim to be working on it. As in previous seasons, the Imserso will call in advance the places corresponding to each program, establishing the corresponding deadlines for submitting new applications through publication in the State official newsletter.

The opening of the deadlines to request the trips could begin in the coming months if the health authorities give the green light to these trips. Also, keep in mind that to register you must meet some requirements. But how can you register at the Imserso? Here we tell you step by step.

How to register in the Imserso

Those who were already accredited to travel the previous season, will not have to fill out a new application, since the Imserso will send you a form containing the personal data and the preference of the travel modality. In the event that they want to modify any of these data, these people will only have to send the request back. If, on the contrary, they access by first time to the program, Yes, they must fill out the corresponding application.

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In this way, interested parties may make the request through the Imserso electronic headquarters, by post or in person.

-Registration request electronically

Through the Imserso electronic office, completing the application and following the instructions.

-Registration application in person

If you decide to submit your application in person, you will have to go to the Imserso Central Services (c / Ginzo de Limia, 58 – 28029 Madrid).

However, the Imserso recommends making the application ‘online’, since “it is much faster and allows you to be accredited almost immediately”. In addition, it warns that It will not process the requests that are sent via email.

-Register to Imserso by post

Downloading and filling in the official application form; in this case, the application, once completed and signed, must be sent to PO Box 10140 (28080 Madrid), or to the Imserso Central Services (c / Ginzo de Limia, 58 – 28029 Madrid).

All applicants will receive a notification from Imserso in response to their application. This application will be used to obtain your accreditation that will allow you to access the program places and include it in the database of accredited where it will be permanently registered until you communicate otherwise.

Also, from the Friday, May 7 and until Monday, June 7, 2021, both days inclusive, entities interested in participating in the 2021 call for granting Imserso grants In the area of ​​care for the elderly, they will be able to process their request through the Electronic Headquarters of the Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda.

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