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Almost two years have passed since the arrival of the pandemic and, with it, the masks; that are not only a nuisance at times, but also make it difficult to use technology, for example, to unlock the ‘smartphone’ using facial recognition.

After so much time, Apple has put the batteries and is already giving the last brushstrokes to the new functionality that nIt will allow us to start typing on the iPhone without having to remove our mask or enter some numerical code. Nor is it necessary to use Apple Watch, as was the case until now.

Currently, the functionality is in the beta phase, so it is not available to the majority of users, who will have to wait for the release of the operating system version iOS 15.4; which should happen in a few weeks. However, some ‘beta testers’, such as the journalist
Peter Aznar
, have already shared what the configuration of the tool will look like when it launches.

Step by Step

In order to configure the Face ID, which is what Apple’s facial recognition system is called, the user will first have to go to ‘Settings’. Once there, you will have to ‘click’ on the ‘Face ID and code’ option, where you will find the ‘Use Face ID with a mask’ section.

The technology company recalls in a message that, in any case, the facial recognition function will continue to work better when a mask is not used. Specifically, in order to be able to use, the tool looks at the information in the eye area.

Once this is done, the user will have to proceed to scan his face again, for which you will not need to wear the mask. When you finish with the process, it will be possible to unlock the iPhone when you are on the street without any problem. The functionality will also be useful when making ‘contactless’ payments.

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