How to wear a ring 25 ways to model different types of rings


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Whether you are a minimalist who prefers thin and thin strips or a maximalist who is interested in bulky models inspired by the 90’s and Y2K, the design of multiple rings in one hand should be considered to some extent. If you are using an engagement ring, you should also consider including that embossed piece in your stack. In line with the highlights of 2022 – toi et moi ghosts, chain link details, mixed metals, colorful gems, and personalized signatures – jewelers have ideas for assembling flawless Instagram-worthy rings.

Previously, I collected tips from luxury brands such as Mateo New York, Stephanie Gottlieb, Jacquie Aiche, Jennifer Meyer, and Logan Hollowell, as well as playful, attractive, and cost-effective labels such as Arms of Eve, SiiZU, Blobb, and Frasier Sterling. کرد‌ایم. , And baby July. Whether you want to highlight a colorful gemstone. Include a theme such as a flower or a butterfly. Or match your rings with other accessories (such as gloves, bracelets and necklaces), there are many tricks to consider.

Keep reading 25 tips to master the basics of jewelry founders and game changer accessories that you may not be familiar with. All of these designers have shared their best-selling ring of the year so far, so you can buy one or two new pieces. Scroll to start your ring style journey.

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