How to wear sandals with socks and not die trying


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In the field of fashion and beauty it can never be said that you will not succumb to one trend or another, since it is already known that it is a cyclical phenomenon in which each time a new trend of style is reincorporated, it acquires novel dyes that completely reinvent itoy that they can conquer even the most skeptical.

Last year, the quarantine forced the rules of the game to change, advocating a slower pace and bringing out the most ‘comfy’ garments; but once the situation was gradually returning to normal, some fashions were established that probably would not have stood out at another time. One of them is the rise of socks in the most formal looks, not only outside the pants, but also combined with sandals.

Leaving aside that it is one of the favorite trends of Asian women, this phenomenon a few years ago was associated with the styles of the tourists, inseparable from cargo pants and flip-flops with white socks. A combo that has starred in a multitude of memes and yet now seems to have become a combination that is as desired as it is versatile. Back in 2018 some firms like Chanel or Dior They were shown on the catwalk and since then it has been appearing little by little in the cabinets of experts in the field.

How do the experts handle them?

At first they were associated with romantic style looks where thin strappy sandals and a sharp heel were combined with ruffled, embroidered or lace socks that were complemented with flared or babydoll dresses. However, in recent months it has stopped reserving itself only to ultra feminine wardrobes to take a twist that associates them more with the notable trends of the moment, among which athleisure and normcore stand out. As a result, ‘ugly sandals’ such as the Birkenstock or the Teva where details such as platforms, XXL buckles or velcro contribute to increase the contrast note.

Minimalist models with padding or rectangular finishes such as Bottega Veneta or with folk airs from the hand of Jacquemus o Isabel Marant. For its part, Chanel y Dior, The great pioneers have opted for the roughest designs, giving them details of their DNA that make the difference: pearls, chains and tweed.

The key lies in variety and daring, betting on the ‘mix & match’ and a wide color palette. Regarding the length, they take both ankle and knee-high designs. In addition to the typical dresses, the combinations with bermuda shorts and cycling tights prevail. On the other hand, the tracksuit gains presence, especially with the flip-flops.

The essentials to follow

If you want to succumb to this trend without risking too much, it is not necessary to complicate yourself too much, simply implement the most popular style codes in street style and Instagram and give them a personal touch.

Find garments in neutral tones: Although with the arrival of summer people tend to bet more on pastels and acids, if you are starting with this trend it will be much easier to combine them with these colors, especially if you do not want the contrast to be too striking.

Opt for footwear in light tones: another of the most effective rules, so that the transition is smoother. Among the winning combinations, camel, chocolate brown and the range of grays triumph.

Establish a color game: A fun and easy way is to opt for a tone creating a monocolor outfit or if you prefer to risk something else, play with three tones such as navy blue, white and green; brown, burgundy and white … The range of possibilities is immense.

Don’t go overboard with accessories: you already have one with enough personality not to have to add more brushstrokes. Less is more.

And the last and most important thing, you have to show them off with character and without fear, because there is nothing worse than wearing something with shyness or insecurity. Attitude is everything.

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