How to wear the most controversial dresses of the year without being tacky

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After a season in which socks, boots and jeans they have become the best allies, dresses make their wayWell, the time has come to show your legs to the sun. However, this time they have nothing to do with what had been seen seasons ago on the catwalks, because this spring-summer 2021 dresses ‘cut out’, with necklines at the back and side openings, they will be the most fashionable.

With hardly any parties or weddings, 2020 left a void in the world of fashion. If on other occasions with the changes of season, the most common thing was to take a look (and go through the cash register) at the novelties that reached the stores, last year it was the opposite: the tracksuit triumphed and during the fall it was changed for leggings. The 2021 is already ready to compensate and that is why it is not surprising that the firms have put all their efforts into more avant-garde and groundbreaking designs, like the dresses that are already conquering the women who know the most about fashion in the world and are demonstrating it on social networks.

How are fashionable dresses

Although tulle dresses, which make stories dream, have their defenders in the fashion world (Blair Eadie, Ángela Molina, among others), it is worth it. let’s look for new horizons and that other types of designs that adapt to all styles are taken as a reference.

The new little black dress is lingerie

Victoria Beckham, Khaite o JacquemusAmong other firms, they have proposed that this summer the black lingerie-style dress will unseat white, the classic of all classics when summer arrives. Vertigo necklines and daring patterns are the sign of identity of the new LBD, although of all of them, there is one that is already the object of desire of the most fashionistas. According to Moda Operandi, the luxury fashion website, Jacquemus’ black slip dress is the best-selling piece in recent months of all pre-orders.

Jacquemus y Khaite – © D.R.

But there are cheaper versions, at Bershka, for € 19.99 and at Zara, for € 17.95.

Zara and Bersha offer similar options
Zara and Bersha offer similar options – © D.R.

They are perfect for the hottest days, especially at night and we can combine them both with some strappy heeled sandals as with espadrilles if you want to be more comfortable.

@ziangus y @annelauremais
@ziangus y @annelauremais – © Instagram

In dresses, necklines are worn at the back

‘Tie back’ is the name of the necklines that are tied at the back and worn this spring 2021. As its name suggests, it is a neckline that is tied at the back and can be found in dresses and tops. in fabrics such as silk and cotton. They have been seen on the catwalks of Carolina Herrera, Rixo, Jacquemus and Michael Costello X Revolve.

But there is a more risky version, those that leave the back completely bare and are very sensual, like those of Musier Paris o Hermés.

Rixo y Michael Costello X Revolve
Rixo y Michael Costello X Revolve – © Instagram

But there is an even more extreme version, the dresses that leave the back completely bare and are very sensual, like those of Musier Paris o Hermés.

There are already similar dresses in stores like H & amp; M (€ 14.99), Revolve (€ 198) and Mango (€ 19.99)
There are already similar dresses in stores such as H&M (€ 14.99), Revolve (€ 198) and Mango (€ 19.99) – © Instagram

If you want to look very stylish, you should not lose sight of the looks of @annelauremais, which combines it with golden necklaces and collected hair; @collagevintage, that bet on a white dress and sandals, the most summery version, and @anoukyve, which opts for classic black salons.

@annelauremais, @collagevintage y @anoukyve
@annelauremais, @collagevintage y @anoukyve – © Instagram

The ‘cut out’ dresses

With side, central and even sleeve openings, the dresses ‘cut out’ are supposing an authentic revolution. The most famous are those of the French firm Marcia, They are worn without underwear because, from top to bottom, they are knotted and, therefore, it is very difficult to hide the lingerie, which exceeds € 300.

@wearsMarcia – © Instagram

Of course, in the ‘low cost’ stores, for now, the proposals are more restrained, just a few side openings or in the abdomen.

Zara (39,95€), Asos (52,99€) y &Oher Stories (89€)
Zara (39,95€), Asos (52,99€) y &Oher Stories (89€) – © D.R.

Although they are daring dresses, they can be elegant if they know how to combine them. In the case of not being very daring, it is more appropriate to bet on a black model and carry it with a baguette bag, like @IziAngus; Yes, on the contrary, you are looking for a more powerful look, the winning formula has it @annelauremais with Marcia’s dress and square-heeled shoes.

@IziAngus y @annelauremais
@IziAngus y @annelauremais – © Instagram

From the most cheeky to the most restrained, it is clear that among the fashionable dresses in this 2021 there are for all tastes and for all occasions: a dinner, a drink at a beach bar or simply to tour any city .

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