Hunting and field on the table and in the environment

Arantza del Barrio M.



Any hunter who has frequented Zamoran preserves will surely know The Splice, in the National 525, in Rionegro del Puente. This unique restaurant specializing in mushrooms and game and located in a century-old house whose origin as an inn and inn dates back to 1711, it has been run for more than thirty years by Gloria Lucía and Elías Martín. Gloria, soul of the same, is an expert game cook – she has been hunting game since she lived in Austria – and cooks dishes based, above all, of pieces of major – deer with roses and mint is presented on the menu – along with different varieties of mushrooms and boletales since the mycological variety is one of the saints and hallmarks of this restaurant and the countryside that surrounds it.

Gloria takes advantage of the cutting of a whole deer or roe deer, as she showed us in Madrid Fusion 2020, leaving the meat clean, natural and with its firm texture before treating it, freeing the loins, sirloins, sausage, marlin or hind quarters for your grilled or charcoal dishes; the shoulders, the shoulder or the black pudding for stews; the neck for hamburgers; or the ribs for cold cuts with their lean meat or for churrasco.

Committed and supportive with the guild, from her restaurant, with the familiar treatment that characterizes them, she recommends hunting, artistic and nature routes through the Zamora region, starting in Villardeciervos (where Aherca is located) to take a wolf and corcero tour that It passes through the Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente de Robledo Iberian Wolf Center to Carballeda and Puebla de Sanabria. In the latter municipality, Mónica F. Cifuentes, in front of the Posada Real de las Misas and Cartería restaurants, offers us sausages, delicious stewed deer shanks or ossobuco, and a honeyed rice with roe deer. And to taste small game, your bet is the Lera restaurant in Castroverde. This visual, artistic, hunting, nature and good gastronomy tour will not disappoint.

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