“I am inspired by dresses that I would like to wear or patterns”

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During confinement, Eugenia Osborne began to share more frequently on his social networks his passion for cooking. The second daughter of Bertín Osborne, mother of three children, taught how she prepared salads, desserts and other healthy recipes for her family in her kitchen, content that she interspersed with her looks and fashion tips and some fitness routines.

In many of his videos he wore aprons and turbans that she made herself, and that began to generate interest among his followers, who exceed 170 thousand on Instagram (on TikTok he has 12 thousand). It was then that he came up with his new adventure, which combines all his hobbies, throwing the line of textiles for the home Home o’clock.

«My initial idea prospered because I thought that more and more people would be at home and would like set their nice tables, and also look pretty while cooking », explains Eugenia Osborne to Estilo. Thus, she set out to design a line of matching aprons, cloths, tablecloths and accessories (from bread baskets or mittens to scrunchies) that “reflect her lifestyle.”

Eugenia Osborne with another model of her brand Home o & # 039; clock.
Eugenia Osborne with another model from her Home o’clock brand.

Ensures that everything in your new brand it’s very personal. “I generally use canvas, cotton and linen, and I am inspired by dresses that I would like to wear or by patterns that convey something to me or transport me to places like India, Africa or England,” says this 34-year-old psychology graduate.

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

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Since I was little, I have always been interested in cooking and, above all, making pastries.

Eugenia Osborne
Eugenia Osborne

Have you considered designing clothes too?

Fashion has become a part of my life more and more, until it has become a job. I’d love to, maybe one day I will.

How important is food for you and your family?

A lot. I think you are what you eat, so I make sure that everything my children eat is healthy and homemade.

Do you consider yourself an ‘influencer’?

I consider myself a content creator and as such I seek to provide my followers with information that entertains them, interests them and serves them for their lives.

What are your next projects?

I would like to continue with Home o’clock and maybe throw myself into a new challenge as a Low Pressure Fitness instructor.

Recently Eugenia Osborne starred with her sisters Alejandra, Claudia and Ana Cristina campaign for the fashion brand Hoss Intropia, on their return as part of the Tendam group.

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