“I am the fruit of daily yoga and the whims in dessert plates”

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Mar Floresmakes news again this week. After spending a few relaxing days sailing on the island of San Bartolomé, in the Caribbean, he has landed in Madrid to launch his new collection of sporty-chic clothing, created during confinement. ‘I conceived’Alma by MAR‘during the time we were held, out of necessity. First, because, with my stores closed for 4 months, I had a responsibility to the workers of my team, and something had to be done to get ahead; and on the other hand, as a TV worker, I felt the need to have comfortable clothes but at the same time beautiful and wearable for online meetings or if it was necessary to go out. And it came naturally.

With a pampered “comfy” aesthetic, this capsule collection is made up of 20 very versatile basic garments, such as pants, joggers, hooded sweaters, long rubber skirts, tops and ponchos, all in pastel, “nudes” and gray colors. “It is designed to be at home, with a soft point that adapts to all silhouettes, and timeless cuts, but if you wear any of the looks with Jimmy Choo and a big bag, you are wonderful to go out to dinner”, says the businesswoman. “And they have very neat details like metal badges instead of labels, the logo printed on the dot, and so on. And with an average price of € 60 ». Like the rest of its collections, it is made in Spain. «The Mar Flores Madrid brand was born almost 12 years ago, as a result of my work with Naciones United and Woman Toghether, with which he gave training courses to women for the globalization of their products. I taught them how the same fabric with which they made hammocks could be applied to fashion, bags and accessories, and little by little, I managed to make their sales career much broader. From that experience came the idea of ​​creating an own firm, solidarity, to support artisans and with spanish stamp».

At 51, the businesswoman can boast of success, and an enviable figure. Is that toning the result of a lot of sacrifice? “It is the result of great perseverance,” he points out. «I have been practicing sports and yoga all my life and doing facial and body firming treatments at Maribel Yébenes. My favourites? Radio Frequency and Thermage FLX. The model follows a healthy Mediterranean diet, and indulges herself “but always on small plates,” she jokes. And her face and that feline gaze do not fade thanks to the plasma sessions she takes with Myriam Yébenes, and to Alma Q, «a painless laser to compact the skin when it begins to weaken and lose smoothness, which reshapes the facial oval and lifts a lot the tail of the eyebrows, “he says. So it is.

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