I can’t even come up with a headline good enough for Gabrielle Union’s face-framing curtain bangs — see photo


On 4.8. Gabrielle Union unveiled a new hairstyle on her Instagram Story with a quick outfit of the day highlight and the words, “Don’t mind my new wig, we’ll call it Penelope. She’s having a good time.”

You see, Union just doesn’t miss a beat. Within two days, she delivered one look after the other. And this time it was with a wig that apparently goes by the name of Penelope — she has an attitude with a toffee brown hue, a length that’s just under shoulder length, and a curtain bang that frames the face. Penelope has a big personality. Yes? Yes indeed.

Her latest hairstyle was center-parted with a feathered curtain bang that brushed Union’s cheekbones. But wait, it gets better. Makeup artist Sir John also shared a photo of the Bring it on Front and Center alum also poses nude on his makeup chair. In classic Union style, she showed nothing but her glowing skin. Penelope was the main actor of the show. Union’s face-framing fringes ruffled into the front layers of her wig and was given an all-white manicure and pedicure by nail artist Thuy Nguyen.


The Flawless By Gabrielle Union co-founder tends to switch up her hairstyles quite often. And there’s absolutely nothing she can’t pull off, let her make her own. Exhibit A: a large chop with an anecdote about how your life doesn’t have to be in shambles for you to want a haircut. But for Union, as she previously said, “things are the gravy”. She can go from water-soaked waves to blown-out bangs in an instant while having fun and, of course, having the internet in the palm of her hand.

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