“I hallucinate with some criticism of Alonso”

Jose Carlos Carabias



The Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix arrives and the environment of the Spanish industry in this sport is activated. Among many other events that take place these days in a race that will have a limited audience (1,000 subscribers to the Montmeló circuit), Estrella Galicia summons a talk with Carlos Sainz. The Ferrari driver is always grateful and enthusiastic when the appointment on Spanish soil approaches. Sainz dealt with various current affairs.

Adaptation and risks with the Ferrari. «The only lap that I did not take risks was the first in Bahrain, in Imola I took them in the comeback in the rain, in the Portimao qualifying, at the start. To give one hundred percent as a Ferrari driver still remains. A bit of integration is missing, it is part of learning, there are still 20 careers left, I am meeting deadlines, but I see a constant progression ».

A podium with Ferrari? “I don’t know when it will arrive, we have taken a step forward, but I think it will take time and perhaps the best option is 2022.”

Spanish Grand Prix. «I would prefer with the full desire, but it is what it touches. I’ve always been good at it, that’s where I’ve got the most points … The future without GP Spain? The heart of F1 is still in Europe, that has been made very clear to us by those responsible for F1, but you have to separate one thing from another. Whether or not he follows the Spanish GP depends on other issues.

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Will cars evolve in 2021 or is this what we’ll see? «If there is a year in which everything is going to be stable, this is it. There can be no performance leaps because the change in 2022 is so great that 90% of the effort has to be allocated to that change. You can take small steps forward, like the one Alpine did in Portugal, which had the best rhythm in the middle zone, you can improve and you can’t relax. There will not be many changes, yes.

Leclerc, a tough teammate / rival. “Charles is very fast and it will be difficult to go out in front of him on Saturdays. I analyze a lot of data, all F1 drivers do it by seeing each other’s tricks to go fast. I work overtime at Ferrari to look at telemetry. I think I am a little behind where I would like ».

Criticisms of Fernando Alonso? “I’m amazed at that, they don’t realize the level of driver and cars and the competitiveness that exists in F1, which makes it difficult to adapt quickly having pilots with such experience. After two years without competing at the level that there is, he will always play races or suffer on Saturdays, but it was already seen that Fernando is passing quickly and on Sunday he did a race, without magic tricks, with work. All those criticisms become admirations. This is our sport, one day they criticize you and then you are the best, instead of looking at the trajectory. That is why I read less and less ».

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The Hamilton level. “The truth is that I was surprised by how easily he passed Verstappen and Bottas. To overtake in F1 like you did you have to go much faster or do something special. He’s at a very high level with the Mercedes. Now the Mercedes is not faster than the Red Bull. Hamilton has my admiration and respect.

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