“I have the illusion of competing again”




The Spanish tennis player Carla Suarez He continues to work on his attempt to return to the WTA circuit, with the hope of being able to put the finishing touch to his professional career once he can overcome a Hodgkin’s lymphoma that made him retire, temporarily, and against which he continues to fight.

“My wish is to get back on track to be able to complete my career in a pleasant way, competing with my teammates and thanking the sport for all that it has given me. I want to have that opportunity and I am working daily to achieve it. I have the illusion of competing again“Carla explained.

In statements provided by the tennis player herself to the media, she assured that she has remained active during practically the entire treatment against lymphoma, and for a few weeks she has followed a preparation plan more focused on tennis.

From Barcelona, ​​the Canary Islands faces a days “full of illusion”, already reaching the final phase of Hodgkin lymphoma treatment who was diagnosed last September.

After completing her radiation therapy cycles on January 25, she is currently in the final stretch of radiation therapy, a 15-session treatment scheduled to end in the week of April 19. «I follow the medical advice at all times, listening to the guidelines that mark me and attending to the recommendations of the professionals. Fortunately, I am not having any side effects and my evolution is on the right track », said the tennis player.

In parallel to his clinical picture, he has designed a solid sports work plan. The Canary Islands faces double training sessions since last March 1, with the aim of strengthening the body for the demands of professional sports. Carla Suárez works on clay courts from Monday to Friday in the morning, completing three to four weekly gym sessions in the afternoons, with the aim of preparing her return to the WTA circuit.

He currently trains in the competition group WCA Tennis Barcelona, ​​managed by Lourdes Domínguez Lino, Ana Alcázar and Beatriz García Vidagany. The person in charge of physical preparation is Sara Mérida and the person in charge of the physiotherapy area is Laura Urriola.

Heading back to the slopes, Suárez has a protected individual ranking as world number 68, granted after having been away from the competition for more than six months for health reasons. A position on the WTA circuit that you can use to enter, among other events, two Grand Slam and one Olympic Games.

«The date of a possible return will be marked by the evolution of these next few weeks. My priority is to be healthy, but also physically ready at the time of accessing a tournament. Professionalism will be above all, and that is what guides me since I have increased the intensity of the training, “he was sincere.

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