«I will not find anyone like Fabiola. I cut my ponytail »




Exactly one week ago Bertin Osborne (66 years) announced, through a statement on the “Viva la vida” program, his separation from Fabiola Martínez (48) in order to avoid speculation about her private life. This Sunday he took the floor again to specify some aspects of the break that are being questioned and second the words of the mother of his children who, hours before, spoke to settle the controversy around the economic aspects of your marriage.

As the television presenter himself assures in his Instagram account, they got married in Separation of Property: «Before I got married, when I asked him to marry him, he answered me putting one condition: I want Separation of Property. She demanded it of me. The truth is that I would not have asked, but it was she who put it as a condition.

When the couple decided to separate, Fabiola Martínez was the first to tell Osborne that she didn’t want anything. «I’m older, I have a job, I know how to look for life and I don’t want anything. You, take care of your children. Nothing else. In addition, I want to move to a smaller house in Madrid and it will also cost you less », Bertín remembers what the mother of his children told him.

“I cut my ponytail”

Bertín Osborne has always been a heartthrob and has taken women out of the street with his lip, his eyes and the plant he still has. The fame of conqueror overshadows that of Julio Iglesias himself, but after his failed marriage to Fabiola Martínez, “the most upright, independent and brilliant woman” he has ever known, the presenter himself has assured that he does not want more women in his life .

«I am not going to find anyone like me, so I will not look for more. I ‘cut my ponytail’ like bullfighters and I will dedicate myself to my work, my children, my friends and my animals and sports. The rest? What for? “, Assures the television presenter.

Kneaded fortune

Bertín Osborne’s words come after the publication of an article in which he talks about the properties of the television presenter and the separation agreement with Martínez. By not agreeing with some of the things stated, he has had no choice but to clarify some points.

He clarifies that the houses in Madrid and Marbella are not his, they are for rent. Yes it is that of Seville, although it is not seized, only mortgaged. «With regard to my heritage, I have what I have, working like a donkey for 45 years because they have not given me anything and it is much more modest “, Osborne ends.

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