If I make the mistake of getting bangs this summer, it’s Bella Hadid’s fault – see photo


With a side of lukewarm espresso, Bella Hadid blessed our Instagram feed with what she calls “fresh out of bed” morning bangs on Monday, June 6th. It’s not the first time the Hadid sister has experimented with slightly trimmed bangs. She was brave enough to cut them herself. Could we have an aspiring specialist in DIY ponies?

A loyal brunette, the model has been known for incorporating things like bright colors, grunge braids, and zig-zag parts into her hair aesthetic over the years. We now see Hadid flaunting her soft bangs with her hands resting above her head. The model and Kin Euphoric co-founder posed with an unmistakable head tilt in front of the balcony of a gentle blue sea. We couldn’t resist locking eyes with Princess Bella as her newly refined bangs framed her face.

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Earlier this month, Hadid mentioned hairstylist Eugene Souleiman as she frolicked through the streets of New York City with a tail of ass-like waves and baby-boy cut side bangs. Could he be the one responsible for Hadid’s new look? The world may never know. But it’s perfectly safe to say that we’ve all longed for change. It’s hard to explain our culture’s current phenomenon with shaggy hair and ultimately that on-the-bed look, but… we’re not mad at it. It’s certainly been a while but, baby, that’s just proof that it’s here to stay for a long, long time.

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