“If Zidane had decided to leave, he would have told me”


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The season just ended has not been good. The grade is always the same when the course ends in blank, without titles. But this time both the fans and the footballers themselves have ended up at least proud of what they have achieved. After countless injuries and setbacks, Zidane and his team have been one game away from the Champions League final and have fought for the league title until the last day.

The last to convey this feeling has been Toni Kroos, who returned to being sincere in the podcast ‘Einfach mal Luppen’ in which he stars with his brother Felix. In it, while he was self-critical of the team, he remembers that they have fought for the titles until the end. And it also warns that the next exercise will return like this, even daring to guarantee it.

“A season without a title is never good for Real Madrid, but if you ask a lot of outsiders if they expected us to reach the Champions League semi-finals at the beginning of the season and, above all, in the group stage, I don’t know if you would meet many. We fought for the league title until the last game. It doesn’t mean we had a good season, but at least we were there», Argued the German midfielder.

“We were not 100% constant throughout the season. Everyone had their problems, including us. And yet, in my opinion, we showed character this season. All those injuries and infections by coronavirus were extreme for us, but we did not give up and we put it all to the endMeanwhile we play very well. In the end it was not enough, “he added.

Zidane’s future

Although if something has caught the attention of the Madridista’s words in this podcast, it was his allusion to the future of his coach, Zinedine Zidane. «I don’t know what he’s planning», Acknowledges about the Frenchman’s intentions, but points out that the information that came out about his announcement to the squad after the elimination against Chelsea was false.

“It was not only said here, it even spread to Germany, which had already announced its departure to the team. It was a blatant lie. Zizou and I have a relationship so, without a doubt, he would have told me. I cannot confirm it. I don’t know how this will end. I can only say that it is always fun to work with Zidane, ”he explained.

And whether with Zidane or without him, he was convinced that the future looks good for the white team: «I am sure that this year will be taken as an opportunity to try to improve. There are still many questions about how Real Madrid will be next season. But I’m sure of one thing: Real Madrid will fight again, I can guarantee it. We will be back next year and we will fight for everything. I have no doubt, that’s what my experience after seven years at Real Madrid tells me.

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