Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui: Scrutiny

Ignacio Marco-Gardoqui



The proliferation of the judge’s investigations Garcia Castellon among great personalities of the Ibex it is a source of bewilderment and concern. First was the BBVA, because of the adventures of the previous president; Then in Repsol affected both its current president and the president of the Foundation. Yesterday, the prosecution asked him to add to the list the president of Iberdrola and to several of his closest executives. Of course, it is necessary to remember that of the presumption of innocence, but no one can ignore the impact caused by the mere initiation of investigations. Nor can all of them be piled up in a general cause – since they are different in their origin, reasons and seriousness -, beyond their common inconvenience, their unfortunate coincidence in time and the appearance in all of them of a sinister commissioner to whom they did not owe never hire.

Nowadays, companies, all the large ones and many of the medium-sized ones, have adopted good governance systems that include a lengthy set of rules aimed at preventing the commission of corporate crimes and a whole series of actions planned to punish them when they are committed. produce. The ethics and compliance committees have come to reinforce the performance of the traditional and more common audit committees. Undoubtedly, it is a positive evolution that is integrated into international commercial practices and customs, but in order to be credible, they must demonstrate that they fulfill their function when there are cases that end up being prosecuted, even if it is at an indictment level. All the governing bodies They must ensure the good name and well-being of the companies they represent. Reputation is one of its first and most important responsibilities and its defense cannot be summarized in a mere point of ‘beautification’ of the memories of societies.

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Iberdrola He assured that all his actions are within the law. No news would be better, for its employees, its shareholders, its suppliers and the environment that welcomes it, than the definitive judicial confirmation of it. With due respect for the actions and times of justice, it should also be remembered that the mere initiation of these investigations causes serious damage to the companies affected, which advises their rapid processing, with the guarantees and procedural guarantees required by what is required. delicate of these matters.

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