Ignacio Martín and Marisa Alexandra Vicens, lead the Optimist Spanish Cup



Hondarribia (San Sebastián)



The Copa de España Optimist 2021, which began its journey today at the CN Hondarribia and will conclude this coming Sunday, May 2, closes its first day, conditioned by the rain and the low wind that, in addition, has been unstable, although in the end the committee was able to complete two tests of the three planned.

The yellow group had a postponement at the last minute in the first, then a general call and later a black flag start. A situation that has greatly conditioned the future of this test, although the veterans have known how to maintain the type. The blue group has not had problems, nor have there been any in the second test.

With today’s two tests the favorites have fulfilled, placing themselves at the top of the table and showing very even. Triple tie at the top, with Ignacio Martín (RCN Palma), Miguel Padrón (RCN Gran Canaria) and Carlos Espí (RCN Valencia) adding 6 points.

With one difference, Roberto Aguilar (CNM Benalmádena) is placed, while Marisa Alexandra Vicencs (CN S’Arenal) is 5th and 1st female with 8 points, followed by Eduardo Reyes (RCN Dénia) and Sean Sadler (CN S’Arenal) both with 12 points.

Mar Infante (RCMT Punta Umbría) is the first female classified in SUB13 with 29 points, while the current champion of Spain, Blanca Ferrando (RCN Valencia) has classified 4th in this category in which she has 77 points.

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