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The City Council of Hellin has just presented to the Community Board of Castilla-La Mancha the project for the Tourism Sustainability Plan of the municipality, valued at 4,335,750 euros and which will have six lines of action, focused on rural tourism development in the southern part of the municipality, including districts, and which is intended to be an asset for the development of the entire southern part of the province of Alicante. The mayor of Hellín and the councilor for Tourism presented it with the presence and support of the provincial deputy for Tourism.

For Ramón García, mayor of Hellín, “this plan is the result of the great work carried out by the Department of Tourism and the rest of the municipal services. We intend to create a great tourist infrastructure based on the rural and natural development of our environment and, of course, if Hellín develops touristically, so will the rest of the south of the province of Albacete ».

The provincial deputy for Tourism, Raquel Ruiz, showed «the support of the Albacete Provincial Council for Hellín, since these are plans that are not easy to achieve and, although the Provincial Council is not one of the funding entities, we do offer full support for a tourist development in Hellín as the head of both the Sierra de Segura as well as Campos de Hellín, since they would also benefit ».

The volcanic python of Cancarix, a natural monument

The Destino Hellín 2 Patrimonios 2022-2024 Tourism Sustainability Plan is entitled “Development of the tourist corridor from Minateda to Las Minas, Vía Verde del Camarillas”. In this regard, the Councilor for Tourism, María Jesús López, said that “we already know that Hellín has great potential, untapped, and what we want now is to market the corridor between Minateda and Las Minas which gives name to this Sustainability Plan, which has huge tourist resources that have not had the possibility of being valued yet. «These are the differentiating factor of Hellín’s tourist offer, not replicable and with models of verifiable successes. It is an offer that must be put in value by building the necessary infrastructures for the reception of visitors and the installation of tourist companies with sufficient capacity to exploit in conditions all the resources that the territory offers.

Rice fields in the district of Las Minas
Rice fields in the district of Las Minas – Lola lopez

«The brand strategy continues to be our two shared heritages, the Abrigo Grande as cave paintings, World Heritage, and the tamboradas of Hellín and Agramón, as Intangible Heritage of Unesco, “said the councilor.

Muss, Museum of Holy Week in Hellín
Muss, Museum of Holy Week in Hellín

Therefore, the plan is based on six defined axes: one to create destination management; the second, to set up visitor reception centers, the third to enhance the value of high-potential tourist resources, with the Almadenes Canyon and the Greenway of the Tren de las Minas. The fourth axis will be focused on accommodation resources, especially in the district of Glen of Agra and at your campsite. The fifth axis is the recovery of Cultural Heritage (BIC) of the medieval towers of the district of Isso, a forced passage to the Sierra del Segura, a territory of recognized value for nature tourism. And the sixth axis is the promotion of Hellín as a tourist destination. “A very complete and ambitious plan that covers most of the tourist resources, and that we had already planned to carry out independently,” said María Jesús López.

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