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«With my tracksuit and my heels, dress up but informal, Sunday morning … I’m going” pal “hiper», Martirio sang in the 80s, in a sevillanas devised with great skill with Kiko Venom, which faithfully reflected the modus vivendi of some neighborhood housewives and some related tonadillera: on weekends they did not forgive a visit to the hypermarket while the husband refueled the car at the gas station next door and changed the oil. But what was ridiculed for decades has become fashionable again among top influencers.

The confinement of last spring brought back comfort and gave way to workleisure, that mix of styles between correct and chandalero. And as if by art of birlebirloque, the unbridled search for novelties by many influencers now degenerates into a return to “with tracksuit and heels”, to that “fix but informal” that Martirio sang. Another fashion pirouette, always mischievous and daring, that would have been unimaginable a decade ago.

The trend began timidly back in 2017, when the successful Emily Ratajkowski she wore a blue school-cut tracksuit with a bikini-type top cut under the chest, bare belly button, and nightmare white pointed ankle boots and stiletto heels. In the same year, it was already added, Gigi Hadid in a much more successful and flattering version.

But it was in 2019 when things got serious; just when it seemed that the trend had faded, the queen of bad taste fashion – well, one of them- RihannaTo walk through the world’s airports, she chose a wide gray tracksuit, without apparent shape, with brilli-brilli heels and a Dior bag. In the wake of the Barbadian singer the actress Katie Holmes, that in the absence of films in the portfolio, charges to go out with this and that.

The only one that was able to improve the style of the tracksuit and heels was Rosie Huntington Whiteley, which gave it a different touch, combining tight tracksuits with strappy sandals. Bella Hadid did not hesitate to copy in a more crude way the styling of Rosie Huntington Whiteley, the only one truly liked with this type of outfit, although it has recently been overtaken by the Nordic influencer and stylist Emili Sindlev.

This autumn, the style of Martirio’s “fix but inform” has spread and multiplied on both sides of the pond. From the Parisian house Chloé to the brand of the Olsen twins, The Row; de Bottega Veneta even the very Tom Ford, all have devised and presented tracksuit sets with heels. Of course, although Chloé’s sports pants are on sale for a meager amount of 710 euros, and The Row’s tracksuit for 500 euros, perhaps the most reasonable thing is to opt for Mango’s models at 29.90 euros or the Same priced copies at Oysho. Fashion, that spoiled and capricious girl, never ceases to amaze us in its eternal round-trip carousel.

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