“In the day center, he learned again to dress, stand up, sit …”

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“When we met Eloy in 2019, he was apathetic, shy, reserved, due in part to his severe vision and hearing problems, for which he has a 67 percent handicap. He arrived in a wheelchair and a walker to use it “just enough” in the rehabilitation of the hospital », recalls Andrea López, occupational therapist at the Stima Day Center (Aluche, Madrid).

Despite his deficits in both sight and hearing, he is a person with a lot of ingenuity and manipulative skills, who had always liked marquetry and even had his own cabinet. After multiple falls and his consequent breakage of the femur, pelvis and vertebrae, there came a time when this widower could no longer live alone, but the family wanted him to improve his autonomy. There, with a lot of therapy focused on the cognitive aspects, physical therapy and occupational therapy, they achieved a great recovery in their daily activities.

Thanks to strong training, Eloy again learned things that are apparently simple in daily life and difficult when there are memory problems: «here we again taught him how to dress, stand up, sit down, maintain adequate postural control …».

The pandemic returned him to the starting box in every respect. “Despite all the activities that were sent to the family, it is not the same. When he returned to the center, he again presented a delay in mobility and cognitively. But with a lot of effort, Eloy has been able to walk, dress, and even leave the walker behind and we are considering using a cane. He personally noticed that lack of activity and showed a lot of desire to regain both what he had won and what he had lost in these months, ”says López.

At the end at home, either because of the pandemic, Christmas or Filomena, this expert reflects, “the elderly go from being active to being passive, and this is something that makes all the difference. Many have stopped eating alone, socializing and walking like Eloy … And emotionally it shows. After confinement, many have reached very low morale, speaking only of the negative, some very disoriented due to a lack of routines that they did not even know if they had come back to the center after Christmas … By coming here, positive reinforcement has also been worked hard and the relationship with others. The stimulation that takes place in a day center is at all levels. A second closure motivated by the third wave would be terrible», He concludes.

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