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What face shape is a pony hairstyle suitable for?

In principle, every face shape can wear a pony hairstyle. The only thing that matters here is the cut! Oval face shapes you should rely on classic straight cut bangs – it flatters your face perfectly! You have a round face? Then a side fringe that makes the face appear more defined is the perfect solution! Angular faces instead, it can look more visually harmonious with bangs forming a sweet A-line, while elongated face shapes are perfectly flattered by a fringed fringe at eyebrow height!

Everything heart shaped face however, he can dare a little more! How about a micro fringe, for example? A stunning trend that looks quite cool and really accentuates your eyes.

Which hairstyle with bangs suits which face shape?

  • Oblong face: A straight cut with bangs can visually shorten the face. If the fringe ends above or below the eyebrows, the face looks altered. The reason for this is plausible: Your eyebrows already form a frame around your face. Unfortunately, if the pony hairstyle only reveals half of the eyebrows, it is rather unflattering for the face.
  • Round face: If you have a round face and want to slim it down a bit, you should wear a side fringe or side parting.
  • Oval face: Women with an oval face shape are in luck. Any haircut fits an oval face. But what looks especially beautiful – oblique bangs!
  • Triangle face shape: Straight bangs balance out the pointed chin, making it ideal for women with a triangular face shape.

Growing Out Bangs: How Do They Work Best?

Anyone who has had enough of their hairstyle with bangs is faced with a problem: how can I grow my bangs? You must first be patient. Indispensable in Transitional times are, for example, hair gel and clips! By the way: even full bangs that have almost grown out can look elegant if, instead of combing them across the forehead, you part them in the middle and style them like a kind of curtain. The so-called curtain fringes are also in fashion!

Women with high cheekbones especially can flaunt their face with this overly long fringe. By the way, your pony’s grown-up bangs look great in combination with a ponytail or bun.

The best styling tips for pony hairstyles

Now for the hairstyle: Pony hairstyles are never monotonous and they can have a multifaceted style. One of the most important tools your home should have – if you want your bangs to be in top shape – is a flat iron! If you are not a friend of the plates, you can too take a round brush and blow-dry his bangs into shape – the choice is yours. Another must-have product for you is hairspray, which ensures that your full fringe or fringe always stays in shape and does not fall into your eyes. Other than that, there are still no limits to styling!

Furthermore: Hairstyles with bangs make you look younger, especially if you have light hair. A high forehead and long face can also be hidden with a banged pony or a full pony. Model Heidi Klum has been using this trick for years.

And in case you are wondering how to best protect your bangs hairstyle: Fix the bangs with hairspray after styling. On the other hand, you should stay away from gels or oilsbecause sticky textures can quickly make your bangs look greasy.

Especially if you play sports every day and sweat, the bangs get greasy faster than the main hair. So that you don’t have to wash your hair every day, you can easily freshen up your bangs with a little dry shampoo. You’ll have perfect style in no time.

What does hair care look like with a pony haircut?

When it comes to hair care, you can pretty much continue as before. Tailor your care to the needs of your mane – always depends on the type of hair and not on the haircut. Make sure you dry your bangs right after washing. Otherwise it may dry quickly and not fall off the way you want. You can then let the main hair air dry, blow dry or iron strand by strand as desired.

What else is important to know before cutting bangs?

Here are some more important things you should know Before cut your bangs…

What length of hair does a pony go with?

We have good news: a pony really can be worn with any length of hair – It doesn’t matter if you have short or medium length hair, a bob or a step cut! And: You can still wear fancier hairstyles, like updos or braided hairstyles with a pony.

Can you cut your bangs?

Of course, there are many ways to give yourself bangs with scissors. However, we do not recommend it, especially if it is a spontaneous decision! It is best to go to the hairdresser and get advice in the salon, instead of trying yourself as a hairdresser. A good hairstylist can also give you bangs that best suit your face shape.

Does bangs go well with curls?

A common misconception that is not entirely true: only women with straight hair can wear bangs. Wrong thought! Styles with curly bangs are absolutely on trend and look super beautiful. Also, the curled fringes give you extra coolness and a touch of hippie charm.

What hairstyle with bangs looks good on me with glasses?

Glasses and bangs get along better if the bangs are a little shorter, otherwise it can get caught in the frame of the glasses. The shape of the glasses also matters. Oval glasses and dark frames work best with fringed bangs, which reveal a discreet view of the forehead while a full, thick fringe goes best with thin, light-rimmed glasses.

Which hairstyle with oblique bangs is suitable for short hair?

If you think short hair isn’t made for bangs, you’re wrong, because many short hairstyles get their final finishing touch with an angled or straight pony! Both the classic pixie cut and short bobs can harmonize with oblique bangs. Bangs can perfectly hide a high forehead and also ensure that the The focus is on the cheekbones.

Who is a fringed or fringed pony suitable for?

A fringed pony is quite special, because its different lengths give it a very beautiful and special look. The fringed bangs are particularly suitable for round faces, as the fringes across the forehead optically lengthen the face even more. Depending on whether you have soft or prominent facial features, your visual appearance can look very feminine or androgynous.

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