The art of couple photography: c’t Fotografie 2/2024


Björn Lexius, a passionate wedding photographer, specializes in capturing couples’ stories in a natural way. His unconventional path to photography, marked by personal transformation, inspired him to put authenticity and candid moments at the center of his work. His photographic imagery is deeply rooted in his past in the punk and hardcore scenes, a world full of raw energy and unvarnished emotionality.


Lexius’ approach to wedding photography is unique. Instead of conforming to traditional norms and expectations, he consciously chooses a different path. He creates visual narratives that express the individuality and deep connection of each couple. His clients appreciate this unusual approach and find in it a photographer who not only understands their story, but also captures it in a way that reflects their authentic emotions and the raw beauty of their relationship.

Björn Lexius reveals his tricks for authentic couple photos.

Her work begins with a deep understanding of her clients’ individual “love languages”, a concept developed by Gary Chapman. It’s about developing an eye for the natural and genuine moments in which the love between the two is expressed. It also includes locations that have special meaning to the couple to give the images additional personal and emotional depth. Its third central point is to consciously break traditional role models and portray each couple as they really are.

In c’t Photography, Lexius reveals tips and tricks for the perfect couple photo.

Analogue photography from the Ruhr region: No people, thick fog and a dystopian atmosphere characterize Tobi Müller’s images.

Analog Renaissance. Analog photography is much more than capturing moments on film. It offers a variety of sensory impressions that digital cannot offer. From the feel of the shutter button in your fingers, to the resistance of the tension lever when carrying the film, of the manual lens to the smell of chemicals when you develop your own print paper. For some, the appeal of analog photography lies in the craftsmanship and the opportunity to distance themselves from the omnipresent digital world.

Fujifilm GFX100 II medium format camera. The GFX100 II from Fujifilm is a medium format camera that not only offers high resolution but also excellent image quality. This way medium format cameras lose their image of bulky, cumbersome and slow devices. With a newly developed sensor and higher speeds, Fujifilm wants to set new standards with the GFX100 II.

Crossing borders at close range. In macro photography there are special challenges such as minimal depth of field, small movements and unfavorable close focusing distances. We present traditional accessories and innovative camera technologies that help overcome these challenges. An important aspect is focus stacking, a process in which several shots with slightly changed focus are combined into one image with a large depth of field.

The charm of the desert. The Rub al-Khali, the largest sand desert on earth, offers a landscape full of contrasts and contrasts. Mark Robertz embarked with a group of photography enthusiasts on a journey to this desert, which can be seen in three areas of experience: sensory overload through cultural impressions, sensory reduction in the stone desert and sensory deprivation in the sandy desert. In addition to the desert experience, the trip also offers other unexpected impressions that fascinate the participants.

Contents of c’t Photography 2/2024

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