Involving children in pet care makes them more responsible and emotionally healthy





Virtually all children at some point have included the request for a pet on your birthday or Christmas gift list. It is a decision that must be taken calmly and in which all members of the family must be involved, since it is important to take into account the lifestyle of each house, the space that the animal will have, the conditions family finances and the time required for care.

«A pet is not a toy, but a living being, and that carries with it a responsibility. But children can also benefit from growing up with animals”, says Ignacio Duch, R&D manager of Sanicat, an expert brand in cat litter.

Specifically, the company of a pet contributes to the deducational, emotional and social development of children (for example, they help those children with attention deficit and hyperactivity to focus their attention); forces them to assume responsibilities, facilitates their communication and learning values like respect for others

The first thing that must be explained to the child is that a pet is a living being and its space and personality must be respected and, above all, the moments of rest and food. «It must be clear that the care of the pet cannot be completely delegated to the smallest of the house; the responsible is the adult. However, depending on their age, they can gradually take on some responsibilities”, explains Ignacio.

You can start by asking them to collaborate with certain daily tasks, such as providing them with food, changing their water, brushing their hair and, in the case of cats, they can also help clean their litter box, always with adult supervision. The latter, in addition, can be very helpful to explain to the little ones the importance of caring for the environment. “The adoption of a kitten, in addition to helping it to be a responsible person from a young age, is a good opportunity for it to learn to be an individual who collaborates with the care of the planet, either through the use of sustainable products or eliminating its waste the right way,” adds Ignacio.

In short, there is no doubt that the relationship with a pet will only bring benefits to children if it is established correctly. This is achieved by explaining and reminding him of essential issues, such as the responsibility and respect towards all living beings. In this way, the little one will grow up happy with his furry friend, who will surely also become a great ally for his games.

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