«It is another stone on the road»

Guillermo Gines




Not only Spanish households try to translate the time slots of the new electricity bill (valley, plain and tip). Small businesses and hotels also make calculations, although they already assume that the changes will fatten their bills. An increase in fixed costs that occurs in full recovery of some businesses spurred in recent weeks by the avane of vaccination.

“They are hours that penalize the productive fabric”, says the treasurer of the Spanish Confederation of Commerce (CEC), Carlos Moreno-Figueroa, in statements to this newspaper. The employer’s representative recalls that before each establishment negotiated with the company certain sections. You knew you had up to eight hours at a particularly beneficial rate. This is over now, ”he explains.

That is why since the CHECK consider that the changes in the bill represent “another stone in the way” of a sector that has vehemently criticized measures such as the limitation of cash payments to a thousand euros included in the new law against tax fraud that aims to promote the Treasury.

“We have met with various political parties and they all empathize with us. The Government says this is a progressive measure, but in reality it supplants a public media outlet for a payment with cards that belong to multinationals and allow us to capture consumer data », defends the CEC treasurer.

Moreno-Figueroa It also recalls that, as ABC published this week, small companies have not yet received a single euro of the 7,000 million promised by the Government to improve the solvency of small and medium-sized companies. “Consumption is recovering little by little, but the pre-crisis levels are not yet reached,” he adds.

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The hoteliers also believe that the changes produced in the electricity bill will mean a rise for the establishments. “We don’t change our habits from one day to the next. It is a complex and gradual process, especially in companies. That is why we have no doubt that these changes will affect business “, the president of Hospitality of Spain explains to this newspaper Jose Luis Yzuel. The organization is already preparing a report to quantify the impact that the new electricity bill will have on the hospitality business.

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