Jean-Marie Le Pen marries at 92

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Father of three daughters from a first marriage, civil, Jean-Marie Le Pen was married by the church, for the first time, at the age of 92, last Saturday, the 16th, three days after it was announced that he had been infected with Covid-19.

The patriarch of the French extreme right He decided to say “yes, I do” to Jany Le Pen (88 years old), with whom he had been civilly married since 1991, respecting the most traditional Catholic rite, at his own home, in Rueil-Malmaison, on the outskirts of Paris, at the end of a mass officiated partially in Latin by Father Philippe Laguérie, a figure of the most traditionalist Catholicism.

Jean-Marie Le Pen had personally reported his positive for coronavirus three days earlier, estimating that it was contaminated by “an attenuated variant of Covid-19.”

According to the French press, Le Pen’s first religious marriage was celebrated “in the strictest privacy”. The patriarch would not have desired the presence at his last wedding of the three daughters from his first civil marriage. His granddaughter, with aspirations to “political heir”, Marion Marechal Le Pen, would not have been invited to the wedding either.

Three daughters

The patriarch of the French extreme right contracted a civil marriage, for the first time, with Pierrette Lalanne, in June 1960. From that first marriage, Le Pen’s three daughters, Marie Caroline, Yann and Marine, were born, which ended up expelling his father of his own party, Frente Nacional (FN), which is now called Agrupación Nacional.

That first marriage ended very badly. Pierrette Lalanne decided to pose nude for the weekly “Playboy” with the express purpose of “humiliating” the father of her daughters.

Le Pen remarried civilly, likewise, in a second marriage, to Jany Paschos, single, on May 10, 1991, a very rich divorcee, a woman “with a lot of world.” The Jean-Marie-Jany couple has not had children, but has decided to give a religious dimension to their union, with a second Catholic marriage, at 92 and 88 years, respectively.

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