Jewels that shorten distances, words that unite




No one would have imagined last year that hugging a loved one could be a risky act. From the uncertainty of recent months, a need has arisen to reconnect with the people who really matter to us and, if it cannot be physically, at least through messages full of affection and emotion.

Words have always had a very special value for the personalized jewelry brand Merci Maman, since by engraving a message on a piece of jewelry, it acquires a new function, that of collecting a memory forever. Wearing a personalized necklace or bracelet engraved with a dedication of someone you love thus becomes a way to have that person closer.

Jewels to wear close to the heart

At Merci Maman it is said that jewels bridge distances. With a team made up of 40% mothers, they all know what it means to be separated from their little ones to go to work and each one wears a personalized jewel with the names of their children as an amulet. They also know how special it is to receive a gift after giving birth, a gift that recognizes the effort of the months of gestation and delivery – although the prize is always to finally meet the baby, to be able to have his name engraved on a jewel it becomes a very emotional detail. And we must not forget the grandmothers, for whom wearing a necklace or bracelet with the names of their grandchildren is a way to always have them close.

Whether it is a special gift for this Christmas or Three Kings, or a detail for a birthday, the team makes each jewel, in sterling silver or 18 karat gold bath, with great care and sends it to Spain in an elegant gift box gratuitous.

Once upon a time in london

Thirteen years ago Merci Maman was born in the kitchen of a large family mother in London. Since then, the brand has not lost its essence and continue to celebrate unique moments and special ties with personalized gifts. From her jewelry to the most elegant accessories, each and every one of her pieces is lovingly hand-engraved by the most talented workers. In his workshop, the entire team participates in the production process, to assemble, package and ship the hand-engraved souvenirs of his clients.

With free personalization in 24 hours and express shipping with DHL, you won’t have to wait more than 3 days to receive or give a jewel as unique as you.

This Christmas and Kings, Merci Maman wants to be there so that you can give hope and love to all those people that, due to life circumstances, you cannot hug this year.

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