Juan José Ballesta and his son will give life to Ángel Nieto

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Almost half a year after the fourth anniversary of the unexpected death of Angel Nieto in Ibiza, at 70 years of age, his children Gelete (44 years old) and Pablo (40) have set out to pay a well-deserved tribute to their father, bringing to the screen the life of a 13-time world motorcycle champion. ABC speaks exclusively with Gelete, who confirms that “we are very excited. It is still early, because we are starting with the project and we have a lot to do. We still don’t know on what platform or format it will be done.

And, according to the champion’s eldest son, the fundamental thing is to show the golden age of Ángel Nieto, whose sporting life spanned three decades until his final retirement in 1986: «We want it to be a tribute to his career. The new generations do not know well who my father was, so our idea is to start from when I was a child. We would end, even if not quite decided, when he won his last world title. It is a very ambitious project and we want to do it well, something that is at its height as an athlete and as a human being.

“The boy”

The life of “El Niño”, as he was affectionately called in motoring circles, it has no waste. That Ibizan at heart, who was born in Zamora and arrived in the Madrid neighborhood of Vallecas when he was barely a year old, was not too attracted to studies, but he was fascinated by mechanics. Between 1964 and 1986, he won thirteen world titles (12 + 1, as he preferred to say), 90 victories, 139 podiums and 128 triumphs in Spanish championships.

As for who will embody this myth of sport, ABC has been able to confirm that it will be, in the last stage, Juan José Ballesta, who two decades ago made his film debut with “El Bola”. “I like him a lot as an actor and, in addition, physically he has that mischievous and rogue point that my father had,” says Gelete. The Ángel Nieto child could fall on Ballesta’s own 13-year-old son. The interpreter from Parla confirms to this newspaper that “I am very happy. It is an honor to be able to play the champion. I am really hopeful.

War for inheritance

Although Gelete and Pablo are happy about this project, it is not all good news within the Nieto family. And, as ABC has learned, Ángel Nieto’s inheritance is still in court. Despite the fact that the brothers have tried to resolve everything out of court and for good, at this time they still there are unclosed fringes, since Belinda Alonso, the pilot’s last partner, has sued her older children, so that this chapter cannot be closed at the moment. When questioned about this thorny issue, neither Pablo nor Gelete want to comment.

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