Juvéderms Volux is Changing the Jaw Filler Game — Dermatologist Insight


From TikTok highlighter hacks to intense contouring, there have never been more techniques to learn for those looking to sculpt their jawline. But if you’re looking for a solution that lasts longer than just a makeup application, consider this breakthrough in the world of aesthetic treatments. On August 3, 2022, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced approval of Juvéderm’s newest filler: Volux.

Volux is the first FDA-approved injectable hyaluronic acid-based filler to specifically target the jawline, an area that Allergan Aesthetics, Juvéderm’s parent company, says is a key concern for many consumers.

“This approval expands Juvéderm’s collection of fillers and provides providers with more options to address their patients’ lower facial aesthetic concerns,” said Carrie Strom, President of Global Allergan Aesthetics Curls.

This new filler will not be generally available in the US until early 2023, with product training among dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other aesthetic treatment professionals taking place this fall. In the meantime, we reached out to the experts to ask what to expect when this new filler finally hits doctors’ offices.

Meet the experts:

  • Marisa GarschickMD, a Board-Certified Cosmetic Dermatologist at MDCS Dermatology in New York City.
  • Hadley KingMD, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor in dermatology at Cornell University’s Weill Medical College.
  • Carrie StromPresident of Global Allergan Aesthetics.

What does Volux do?

Basically, Volumex defines the chin area. It is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler similar to what you would find in other Juvéderm fillers such as Voluma XC. The main differences — aside from where you inject Volux — are that Volux has more structure and cohesiveness and buoyancy capacity, according to Hadley King, MD, a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist and clinical dermatology instructor at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Strom adds that the Volux is much firmer than the Voluma XC, thus ensuring that those with chiseled jawlines are always looking.

How does it work?

Marisa Garshick, MD, a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist at MDCS Dermatology in New York City, says hyaluronic acid fillers are typically injected deep into the bone along the jawline and chin to provide more definition. She explains that the filler provides structural support and contours the jaw so it looks more lifted. While it depends on your specific face shape and how much your doctor suggests being injected, says Dr. Garshick that you will notice a difference with just one syringe.

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