K-Pop Artist BI Talks New Single “BTBT”, Tattoos, Self-Care & Burnout | Allure Interview


Little has likely changed in his day-to-day beauty habits. “Actually, I’m really far from skincare,” he says, admitting he doesn’t pay too much attention to his skincare routine. “I just wash my face well and wear what I get from my fans or my friends.” But his one must-have beauty item? Lip balm as his lips are prone to dryness. (We like Laneige’s Sleeping Mask and Drunk Elephant’s Lip Balm, in case you want to refill.)

The next topic of discussion, while beauty-related, is a bit more purposeful. I’ve been toying with the idea of ​​getting my third tattoo for a long time, so I’ve been thinking about body art and of course I’m curious about BI’s collection. “I would just tattoo phrases or paintings that I found impressive in my early 20s,” he says of his four tattoos. “To be honest, I didn’t attach much importance to my tattoos – it’s just part of fashion to me.”

But by the sound of it, his tattoos are holding up some Meaning. “The tattoo on my wing [left deltoid] was my first tattoo when I was 20 and this is my favorite because it’s pretty cute,” he comments. “There’s a lot of little stars, some colorful balloons and a paper airplane, and it reminds me of how pure I was back then.” (For the record, I feel similarly about my first tattoo, which was of Tinkerbell.)

Since South Korea still has a law forbidding non-medical practitioners from administering tattoos — and K-pop idols are still required to cover tattoos on TV shows, be it with clothing, makeup, or bandages — I was curious about the current state of affairs. As many celebrities get tattooed and well-known artists thrive in the underground scene, BI says that attitudes toward tattoos, particularly in the music industry, have definitely improved.

BI goes on to tell me that his tattoo journey isn’t over yet and that he wants more, but two things are holding him back: the pain he’s going through and his mother. “If I get more, my mother will kill me,” he jokes. But where is the lie? My mother is like that.

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