Kim Kardashian wears a Marilyn Monroe sequined green dress


As it turns out, Kim Kardashian has borrowed another look from Marilyn Monroe’s wardrobe at the Met Gala night. Kardashian reportedly walked the red carpet in a nude and beaded Jean-Louis beaded dress that Monroe wore in a jiffy for the song “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. Changed himself to enjoy this exhibition. But in an Instagram post on May 6, she revealed that the Norman Norrell dress with emerald sequins was also made for her from Monroe’s archive – the dress to wear to a post-party event.

At the 1962 Golden Globes, Monroe wore the numberless backless issue of the Heritage Auction, where she received the Henrietta Award for World Favorite Film. However, Kardashian and her team seem to have changed that look so she can wear it as a collar instead of a holter. While Monroe designed the piece with flower-shaped jewelry earrings, Kardashian’s delicate emerald chandeliers fell even further toward her shoulders, and she embellished them with large diamond rings. In addition Monroe is the exact Golden Globe that now belongs to her friend artist Jeff Letham.

“It will always be one of the greatest privileges of my life to be able to guide my Marilyn on such a special night,” Kardashian wrote in a series of Instagram photos that include black-and-white images. Monroe at the ceremony

Although the color of this dress was darker than the first night dress, but it will certainly be just as controversial, because Kardashian revealed that she had endured a strong regiment to lose weight to reach the size of Monroe. The Skims designer told Vogue about the limited diet he followed during the three weeks leading up to the placement of the ball in these classic pieces, which could lead to a general display of unhealthy weight loss.

Riverdale actress Lily Reinhart wrote a strong statement on her Instagram story, and although she did not mention Kardashian, Reinhart spoke very openly about fighting body image and encouraging self-love.

Meanwhile, Sarah Scatoro, a former bodyguard for the Met Costume Institute, told the Los Angeles Times that she was disappointed with the historic costume, explaining: “My concern is that colleagues in the historic costume collection are now under pressure from important people. “They stand to let them get dressed.”

According to E !, although Kardashian posted a vague message on Instagram about being “teachable” after strong reactions, she still proudly displayed her moment in Monroe’s second dress and gave it a permanent place in her feed.

Earlier, Monroe introduced the first Norman Norrell dress at the Golden Globes 60 years ago.

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