Kim Kardashian’s flip bun is this season’s coolest (and easiest) updo – see the photos


Sometimes it’s the seemingly subtle looks that draw the most attention. That’s how it is at Kim Kardashian‘s latest updo, a bun and ponytail hybrid that exudes effortless cool. From the front row at Fendi to the streets of NYC, Kardashian’s latest look draws focus to the deep roots of her grown out peroxide lengths — which is kind of the point.

“A bun can look pretty serious—this one is less finished,” says hairstylist Chris Appleton, who calls the updo the wet-look flip bun. For this hybrid hairstyle, Appleton brushes Kardashian’s white-blonde hair back for a slicked-back hairstyle that leaves no strand out of place. The style’s “wet look” gives the impression that Appleton created the style on freshly washed, towel-dried hair.

The reality TV star’s straight hair is then styled into a half ponytail, half bun look at the center of the back of her head. Appleton adds that while the style may seem effortless, positioning is key. “Kim’s usual low bun tends to be lower, while this one follows the eye line…it snaps the eye.” The look is at its strongest when paired with some added texture, which Appleton achieves through a finger rake rather than the usual super smooth finish becomes. Her dark brunette roots contrast with her platinum hair color which gives the style an extra edge.

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