Lack of exercise and cell phone use can increase back problems in children





Lack of exercise combined with the use of mobile devices can cause an increase in
back pain in children and adolescents
. This has been explained by the pediatric traumatologist and orthopedist at the Vithas Valencia Consuelo Hospital, Dr. Jorge Sarda.

The specialist has warned that “we control less and less the hygienic-postural measures of our children”. Thus, the use of mobile or tablet, «lto study or computer position at home, the desks inappropriately sized at school, as well as a lack of exercise regular physical condition and proportionate for age« are motivating more and more cases of back pain, »especially thoracolumbar« in children and, above all, in adolescence, to be treated in the clinic.

Dr. Sardá recalled that children’s orthopedics is the part of orthopedic and trauma surgery that deals with injuries and disorders of the musculoskeletal system in children and adolescents, according to the Vithas group in a statement.

Thus, he stressed that a child “is not a small adult. A child has some anatomical and functional peculiarities of age that mean that their treatment and prognosis is not the same as that of the adult».

In this sense, he pointed out that the child’s body “is growing and the physes are open, a fact that most of the time works in our favor and if we establish a correct conservative treatment we can avoid the need for future correction.”

Early detection

Regarding early detection, Dr. Sardá has indicated that “it is very important to reassure parents of the relevance or not of the process and to treat as soon as possible and very often delay or avoid future surgery.”

“A good control and monitoring of the condition makes many times not transcend more. As an example, I usually tell parents that children’s orthopedics is like the farmer who puts a stick in a tree so that it grows straight and for no other reason than that the emblem of orthopedic surgery since ancient times is the ‘Andry tree’, a tree crooked young man whose deformity is trying to be corrected by external guidance“, has manifested.

“Parents are the ones who know our children best, so, in case of any suspicion or concern, you should consult your pediatrician and, where appropriate, request a consultation with a children’s orthopedic to assess it«, he has indicated, although he has pointed out that »in the face of any childhood condition it is always good to be checked by a child orthopedist to assess the scope and importance of the process«.

Finally, he recalled that the most common conditions are those that affect the spine, “especially the scoliosis, which is more frequent in adolescence and, above all, in girls«; the foot disorders, especially flat feet and toe walking; the gait disturbances, back pain or changes in the axis of the knees.

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