LaLiga opens information file to Barça players for Messi’s home party

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LaLiga has acted after meeting the party he organized Messi in his house in Castelldefels, where the members of the squad attended, many of them with their respective partners, and he has already opened a file of information reserved for the footballers who participated in that meeting, understanding that they violated the protocol against the coronavirus established by the body chaired by Javier Tebas.

As ABC reported this Monday, Messi He invited his teammates and their respective women to eat at his private home to celebrate the victory against Valencia and make pineapple for the final leg of the League. A meeting that violated health regulations imposed by the League and the Generalitat of Catalonia, which do not allow meetings of more than six people. Although the barbecue organized by the Argentine was held outdoors in the garden of his house and with separate tables, LaLiga sources explained to this newspaper yesterday that “the protocols of the League had been breached.” The body chaired by Thebes, as advanced by this newspaper, has proceeded to start the procedures for the opening of a disciplinary file, as reported by Cope.

According LaLiga, Barcelona players jumped the bubble and did not comply with the regulations established by the Spanish competition for prevent Covid-19 infections. The confidential information file opened today is a previous step to a disciplinary file, a procedure that was already followed when members of the squads of other teams, such as several Sevilla players before the return from the competition in June 2020 or Sporting for a party in December of last year.

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For its part, the Catalan Public Health Agency, attached to the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat, will also study in the coming days if the food at Messi’s house was violated sanitary restrictions in force by Covid-19. After the weekly meeting of the Government, the acting vice president, Pere Aragonès, explained that the Catalan Public Health Agency will “study” this case and “will determine from a technical point of view” if “from here on there is a need to give some step more »and take some specific action.

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