Last call for the Alcaidesa Marina J80 Winter Series Circuit in La Línea waters



The Line (Cádiz)



The waters of La Línea de la Concepción in the vicinity of the Alcaidesa Marina will witness this weekend the outcome of the Alcaidesa Marina J / 80 Winter Series Circuit. With three deliveries to his credit, the last round will be decisive in setting up one of the most expensive podiums of the season, which features the Andalusian-based J / 80 crews. At the top of that podium is the monotype ‘Peninsula’ by John Bassadone, which, without being the mathematical winner, enjoys an income that allows him to keep without getting into trouble.

After seventeen tests, the boat led by Bassadone and Góngora with a shared flag between the RGY and Alcaidesa Marina has 26 points and 14 of advantage over the ‘Urban Arkimedes’ (Alcaidesa Marina) of Pablo Villar and Robin Imaz, forced to work until the final to retain the runner-up, since in his case only four points separate him from the ‘Bullhound’ led by Per Roman waving the flag of RCM Sotogrande and CN Sevilla. Both teams will go all out on each other and taking advantage of any failure of the provisional leader to try to score points.

The fight from behind will not be easy either, with a fourth place in question between the boats ‘Tacuarita’ by Horacio Cardarelli (Alcaidesa Marina) and ‘Eureka Tech’ by Javier Madrid (RCN La Línea / Alcaidesa Marina) with four points difference between the two . In sixth place and with options to climb is the ‘PF Sailing’ team of Petter Fjelstad (KNS Norway), followed closely with three more points by the ‘Michelle Team’ of the Polish Halyna Kruczkewycz (RCN Portosín / CN Nayade ). After a dozen points, the boat ‘Nexum Capital’ (RCM Sotogrande / RCN La Línea) of Roberto Santacruz defends the eighth place, followed by the last two additions to the circuit, the boats ‘Kouko’ (RCN Algeciras) of Moncho Carrero and ‘Weirdo’ by Esteban Morillas (Alcaidesa Marina).

The one that is about to end is a circuit that has kept the fleet active in recent months and that will give way to another series of tests that will be held in the summer season, prior to the celebration in September of the Spanish Championship in the same waters under the organization of the RCN of La Línea de la Concepción. This weekend will also be key for the crews that will play the Spanish Cup in Bilbao in June.

Germán Panei, trimer of the ‘Peninsula’ and collaborator of the organizers tells us about the circuit that ends, “The fleet is very motivated, it has been a very close series and we are learning a lot from this race course”. Facing the outcome, the weather forecast announces west winds of between 18 and 29 knots of intensity on Saturday and between 8 and 10 on Sunday for the farewell.

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