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Retro is fashionable; especially when it comes to video games and digital entertainment. During the last few years, companies like Sony, Nintendo or Sega, have been putting devices on the shelves that, precisely, seek to remove the nostalgia of those people who learned about technology thanks to their products. In 2019, Bandai set out to do the same by recovering one of the electronic systems most remembered by those who were children in the 1990s: the Tamagotchi. That little egg-shaped device that forced to spend the day taking care of the virtual pet that resided inside. Which involved feeding her, cleaning her, giving her medicine and putting her to sleep.

Now the company has set out to give the device a twist, and has announced the launch of the Tamagotchi Pix. “With more than 82 million units sold worldwide and almost 25 years in the market, Tamagotchi is a truly known brand through generations,” Tara Badie, Director of Brand Strategy at Bandai America, said in a statement. “After the launch of Tamagotchi in 2019, we saw a whole new generation of children fall in love with Tamagotchi and we were excited to continue expanding their game with Tamagotchi Pix”, he completes.

With integrated camera

The new device brings with it novelties that were not available in its predecessor, which is now nearly three decades old. It will be the first to have a built-in camera that allows you to take pictures with your virtual pet and interact with your character in a whole new way. Besides, the Screen image is in color and three buttons are included on the front, which will be the ones you have to press to take care of the avatar. “It is no longer just about feeding your virtual pet, now you can cook for your Tamagotchi character, receive food, explore the real world to meet new Tamagotchi friends and save images of the adventures with an integrated social channel,” they promise from Bandai.

The toymaker explains that How you care for your pet will greatly determine the experience. In this way, the new device has personal rooms and the user will be able to determine the future profession of his Tamagotchi character when he returns to his planet. The device does not require an internet connection. Allows you to connect with a friend’s Tamagotchi using a QR code, to play together and send gifts. As of August, it will also allow you to connect ‘online’ to expand the experience with new missions, objects and gifts.

The device is now available for pre-booking through the Bandai website. Its worldwide launch will take place at the end of May. The price of the device is 59.99 euros, and it is available in pink and purple.

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