Little is said about the problems that tobacco can cause during breastfeeding


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The risks of smoking during pregnancy are well known, however, little is said about the problems that tobacco can cause during breastfeeding. On the occasion of breastfeeding week, which is celebrated from August 1 to 7, ICAPEM wants to emphasize the need for infants to be raised in a smoke-free space.

As numerous studies have shown, smoking while breastfeeding can be very dangerous for babies. From the beginning of breastfeeding, smoking mothers notice that they produce less milk and that it even takes longer to start breastfeeding. In addition, the milk of mothers who smoke while breastfeeding is of poorer quality, as it has high levels of harmful substances such as mercury. As if that were not enough, it has been observed that the milk of smoking mothers has less protein and low levels of vitamins such as A or C.

All of this means that breastfed babies of smoking mothers have a higher risk of sudden death., sleep disturbances and more likely to be obese in the future. Additionally, the loss of nutrients in breast milk has been shown to slow weight gain in nursing babies and make them more prone to infections.

Studies have also shown that growing up in smoky environments makes the little ones more likely to suffer from respiratory problems, such as asthma, and ear infections.

Faced with so many risks, health organizations such as ICAPEM, dedicated to the research and prevention of lung cancer in women, are turning to encourage pregnancy and breastfeeding to be one more motivation for women to stop smoking.

And it is that, as they well know from this organization, tobacco consumption has increased notably among women, causing a dangerously significant increase in cases of lung cancer among women. The latter implies an added risk for the children of nursing mothers, of being deprived of their mothers before their time.

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